Capture1This is Priyanka. She is adamant, unpredictable, moody and one of my most favourite people. On my first night at hummingbird the lights went out and I saw a scene that looked right out of a fairy tale. This tiny girl sitting all alone looking at the sky. The moonlight showed her face. I went to sit beside her after a while. Its a moment I will always cherish.Capture2


Fireflies, starry nights, campfires, beautiful conversations and
inspiring people.
Nights at hummingbird is hard to forge.







Jundara chasing the youngest child in the school to teach
what she learnt that day.
Can’t blame her :). She was taught that education is for everyone.






Kim-Kim, this five year old with her long brown hair and yellow dress is every bit of a character from a story book. She speaks five languages and gives me instructions on how to take care of her baby sister. This insightful little one is one of the smallest person to inspire me.


Capture4I woke up to a lot of noise at four in the morning. It didn’t take
long to figure out the reason behind all the commotion. Water
had entered the dormitories below. Floods are usual in Majuli. Even then food in September is not common. Within a couple of hours the water was at waist length level. What surprised me wasn’t the unexpected food. The sensibility of the kids I saw that
day was unprecedented to anything I have seen in a school. From tiny dots of five to older ones no-one complained . They swiftly moved their stuff, helped others and waited for their parent.

Capture6The little helpers who made everyday at Hummingbird something to look forward to. Without these energy balls the work would have
been far from complete.
Even during their exams they never hesitated to
offer help though the sly little things made sure
their efforts was rewarded with a dip in the river

Capture7Covered with dirt and completely camouflaged
with the surrounding they cartwheeled to the river.
And ofcourse unlike me all of them were total pros at it.


Capture9Weeks of work. Trial and error that seemed to never
end. Pooja and Sunpahi used to visit everyday to check on their little bakery. Manas, Nigam and Hero along with the others sacrificed their playtime to help. They kind of made it impossible to quit halfway. And thanks to these kids, Lian, Bipin, Aswathy and Pramod Dada ;some of the most inspiring people I have met I got to be part of moment when we baked our first batch of goodies, when we first tried our boat in the river and a lot more.

cropped-capture8.pngHummingbird is a place where everyday teaches
you something. Be it from a kid, staff or the volunteers,
management or the artisans.
You get dragged into this mising life before you realise
it and it’s something you will never want to
break out off.
It is a home away from home


Written by Anjali, Volunteer, Ayang

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